Last Revised on 24 February 2024

Community Guidelines

Assalamu alaikum! Welcome to the Online Halal.Education Community, where we strive to revive the Islamic worldview through education. Asserting the Islamic worldview starts here in our community with interactions. 

First and foremost, want for your brother what you want for yourself. Please conduct yourself with respect for yourself and others on this platform. 

As Halal.Education is a marketplace for Muslim educators to buy and sell Islamic worldview Resources, all Content is expected to be within the teaching of Sunni Islam. Resources that deviate from the teachings of Sunni Islam may be reported and will be removed. 

Although the Resources are not explicitly required to include the Islamic worldview, they cannot go against it. 

Sunni Islam has various cultures and ideals that may or may not be part of a user’s own culture or ideals. Halal.Education does not limit the expression of different cultures or cultural practices, so long as they do not go against the precepts of Sunni Islam.  

Halal.Education does not support violent or belligerent Content in Resources or in Comments and Questions. 

Halal.Education reserves the right to inspect any Content that is uploaded or posted on the Website, however, we do not have an obligation to do so. As a Member, if you discover Content that you believe is contrary to our Community Guidelines, please use the report tool on the Product page of the item in question or contact us at support@Halal.Edcuation.