Last Revised on 27 March 2024

In line with our commitment to fostering a community grounded in Islamic principles, these guidelines supplement our general community guidelines and specifically apply to those who sell educational content on Halal.Education.

1. Adhere to Content Guidelines

Halal.Education is a platform where educators share, buy, and sell educational materials. Ensure that your resources align with our Content Guidelines, reflecting Islamic worldview educational integrity and adherence to ethical standards. 

2. Consider All the Factors When Calculating a Price

Although there is a minimum price required, you are free to charge what you deem appropriate above the requirement.  When you price your resources, consider these factor:

  1. Time, effort, professionalism, and level of your work.
  2. Administration Fees: Halal.Education collects a percentage of your sales and transaction fees which is for maintenance and hosting of the website and more. These fees can be considered in your calculation as ‘overhead expenses.’  Refer to our Seller Payout Policy often, as conditions are subject to change. 

3. Uphold Accuracy in Your Resources

Ethics is the foundation of our community. Only offer resources that you have personally produced or designed or have permission to sell and that you ensure are accurate, complete, and free from misleading information. 

4. Respect Intellectual Property Rights

Your resources must only contain materials for which you possess the legal rights (copyright, trademark, etc.) or have legal right to use commercially. When you post resources on Halal.Education, you represent that you own or have the necessary permissions to use all content in your resources without any infringement of rights. 

5. Maintain Accessibility and Address Technical Issues

Provide uninterrupted access to your resources for members who have purchased them. Before uploading any resources, ensure the resource files are complete, accessible, and in working condition. Provide excellent customer service by watching for inquiries and addressing any issues a member may have before or after purchase and making adjustments as needed.

6. Abstain from Directing to Alternative Sales Channels

Halal.Education was created to provide a community platform for creatives to display and sell their Islamic worldview educational resources.  Do not divert traffic to other websites or businesses, and refrain from including hyperlinks, QR codes, or the like to alternative sales channels or platforms where your resources can be purchased. 

7. Flourish with Islamic Values

Everyone wins with Islamic values being practiced. Being an honest, supportive, respectful community member embodies the spirit of the Halal.Education community, which aims to contribute to the development and growth of our Islamic worldview educational systems.